How to Maintain Your Model Trains and Planes

A model train

If you are looking for the ideal hobby that you could do in your free time or when you are spending time with your kid? Working on model trains and planes are some of the activities that work best for both children and adults. Model trains and planes offer an enjoyable time … Read more

A Guide to Robot Model Kits


From the start of the 20th century to the present, multitudes of impressive robots have been introduced, enticing people’s imagination and interest. Coming from sci-fi films to TV games, anime, cartoon series, and video games, we’re certain that you have a favorite robot in mind. Chances are you want to have them … Read more

How Model Toy Kits are Made

How Model Toy Kits are Made

Hundreds of model kits or scale models are made worldwide to give hobbyists hours of pleasure. These model kits are often sold in toy stores and specialized hobby and craft toys. A model kit or a scale model means that it is a miniaturized version of an object, such as a car.  … Read more

Why Are RC Planes Gaining so Much Popularity?

Why Are RC Planes Gaining so Much Popularity

Whether you saw your friends dabble into the hobby or you saw groups of people online enjoying flying their model airplanes, your interest in taking up the hobby of flying RC planes must be triggered by something. Nevertheless, we’re so glad to know that you are interested in taking up this hobby. … Read more

The Basics of Flying RC Planes


Flying RC planes has become popular in recent years. More people are turning this into a hobby, either for sheer fun or learning more about flying using remote controllers. Adding to that, newer, affordable, and easy-to-work-with models are also showing up on the market each day. Thus, it attracts more individuals to … Read more

What are RC Monster Trucks?

RC Monster Trucks

With technological gadgets available today, kids and adults alike might be more interested in playing on a digital screen rather than a proper and actual toy. But on the contrary, old pastimes still have some advantages compared to iPads and such, because of the fact that they offer a real-world experience, no … Read more

What Are RC Trainer Planes?

An RC trainer plane

Adopting a hobby is one of the most fruitful things you can add to your daily routine. But what do you think about choosing RC trainer planes as a hobby? They sound perfect. If you’re thinking of joining aerodynamics or aiming to become a pilot in the future, RC planes will teach … Read more

What is a RC Buggy

What is a RC Buggy

Buggy is a special type of radio-controlled car and a car that started to crave radio-controlled cars primarily. The buggy is the intersection of offroad and on-road cars. Buggies are good for those who can’t decide between either and want both. The RC buggy is a 1:10 RC off-road car designed for … Read more

Tips on Buying and Using RC Cars

RC cars became famous when they were first released in 1966. Since then, technological advancements have made RC cars easily available and the perfect toy for fun. RC cars are available as both Toy-grade type and Hobby-grade type. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, you can have fun with a remote-control … Read more

What Are The Type of RC Planes

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RC planes are radio-control flying planes. RC planes have recently become very popular for practicing as a hobby as they are now very affordable and easy to start with. What are RC planes? They are small radio-controlled flying machines are usually operated by an on-ground handheld radio transmitting device. The on-ground transmitting … Read more