Fun Ideas for Building Robot Models

different sizes of robot model kits

Building robot model kits has become one of the most popular hobbies in today’s era. While it is not as simple as some other hobbies like playing video games, building model kits is surprisingly more satisfying to do, as finally completing the assembly of a robot you built feels very rewarding and … Read more

Ideas for Building Star Trek Models

Official logo for the Star Trek Universe on CBS All Access

Owing to its eternal legacy, Star Trek is a series for all ages, whether you are a burgeoning adult or a kid, once in a lifetime you would have been a die-hard fan of the series. Being a Trekkie, the idea of building models from your favorite series would have always been … Read more

Gundam Modeling 101 for Beginners

Gundam Modeling 101 for Beginners

Gundam, the mecha anime series, first premiered in Japan in 1979 and soon took the world by storm, changing the way people view giant robots. It attracted many fans across the globe, thanks to the robots’ impressive design. Its action-packed scenes, with mechs shooting lasers at each other, were also otherworldly fascinating … Read more