Fun Ideas for Having Drone Party Get-Together

A man flying remote control drone

A drone is an aerial vehicle, i.e. aircraft without a human crew, passengers, or a pilot for that matter. It also goes by the name of Unnamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and is a component of an unnamed aircraft system (UAS), with an attached ground-based controller. It’s operated by a human with the … Read more

Leather Working Can Be A Great Hobby

Do you have a beloved leatherworker or craftsperson? And you’re planning to surprise him on his birthday? Why not amaze him with your leather crafting talents instead of thinking about gift ideas for a leatherworker? If you’ve ever considered creating your leather items as a hobby, this article can help you get … Read more

Ideas for Building Models Of Our Solar System

solar system astrolabe

Building a solar system model at home is a fun way of visualizing the planets’ positions and sizes. Creating an adequately scaled model, on the other hand, is impractical. Earth would’ve been the size of a peppercorn, and Pluto would’ve been the size of a pinhead if an 8-inch ball represented the … Read more

The Importance of Good Lighting When Photographing Hobby Models

Good lighting is important for hobby models

Modeling is one of the most common hobbies all over the world. Modeling means creating different types of items such as action figures, building models, robot models, car models, and many other things as well. While modeling may seem easy, it gets quite tricky to get the right pictures for any model … Read more

Tips for Sanding Your Wood Models

Wood Grinding

Sanding wood is an essential part of finishing wood projects. With limited knowledge of how to sand your wood models, this process can be the most hateful and time-consuming thing for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to sand spindles or other wood models, the process is relatively the same. Before … Read more

Learn About the Hobby of Laser Engraving

Wood laser engraving

Laser engraving is the practice of using lasers to engrave an object. On the other hand, laser marking is a broader category of methods that leaves marks on an object, especially designs. Also, it includes changes in color due to chemical/molecular alterations, ablation, melting, foaming, charring, etc. To clear it here, laser … Read more

Fun Ideas for Building Robot Models

different sizes of robot model kits

Building robot model kits has become one of the most popular hobbies in today‚Äôs era. While it is not as simple as some other hobbies like playing video games, building model kits is surprisingly more satisfying to do, as finally completing the assembly of a robot you built feels very rewarding and … Read more

Ideas for Building Star Trek Models

Official logo for the Star Trek Universe on CBS All Access

Owing to its eternal legacy, Star Trek is a series for all ages, whether you are a burgeoning adult or a kid, once in a lifetime you would have been a die-hard fan of the series. Being a Trekkie, the idea of building models from your favorite series would have always been … Read more

The Most Iconic Trains in History

yellow train and mountains

Before trains were created, people used to travel for months with the help of horses and ships. This is why trains are considered to be one of the most important reminders of the Golden Age of travel. That is why to pay homage to the most comfortable mode of transportation, and we … Read more

Guide to Buying RC Planes

a light blue RC airplane sitting on the ground

Flight is itself a marvelous thing to experience, and having the power to control it makes it even more fascinating and thrilling. With the first-ever successful and sustained flight back in 1903, we have come to invent even more sophisticated technology that will give us the power to manipulate things without even … Read more