Determining the Scale for a Model of Solar System

Solar system vector graphic

A scale model is a miniature replica of the real thing. Scale models, however, aim to replicate the actual object’s proportions as close as possible. Creating a scale model requires much effort and care; it includes math, sculpting, and drawing. Before beginning construction on the model, a significant amount of thought should … Read more

Painting Styrofoam to Make It Look Like the Planets

Planet models

Creating a visual representation of the solar system is both informative and fun. Styrofoam balls make excellent planets since they are light, easy to hang, round, and available in many sizes. However, the challenges come in painting the Styrofoam since they are sensitive to some paint materials; for instance, some paints contain … Read more

Things Not to Do When Flying RC Planes

RC Plane

A radio-controlled airplane makes for an excellent present for people of all ages, whether they are children or adults. In contrast to camera drones, these are a lot of fun to fly but require a higher level of skill to stay air and land without accident. The thrill of flying can be … Read more

Using Construction Paper to Create a Solar System for Young Children

Solar System

It can be a daunting task when explaining the solar system and the universe to young children. However, finding creative ways to teach children about the planets early can excite their imagination and lead to a lifelong love of space. When teaching toddlers about the solar system, it’s necessary to refresh your … Read more

Model Kits for Marvel Characters

Marvel kits

Model kits teach children about the inner workings of a kit while also teaching them organizational and fine motor skills. We found the best Marvel kits for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teens. Many of these kits are designed for parents and children to work on together, while others are … Read more

Choosing a Truggy


A truggy is a high-performance off-road racing vehicle that combines the features of trucks and buggies. Truggies are without a doubt the most ferocious RC animals. They are always prepared to smash the track with their enormous tires. No other RC can equal their achievements. Discover the Truggy Truggy is a combination … Read more

What Size Styrofoam Balls for Solar System Model

Solar system

Most children are enthralled by space. It captures their attention and introduces them to the universe and our place in it. Space is an excellent way to pique children’s interest in science and demonstrate how exciting the subject can be just like Gundam modeling for anime enthusiasts.   Making a solar system model … Read more

RC Planes for Beginners

RC plane

As more manufacturers produce life-like models of real airplanes that can be controlled by RC pilots new to the hobby, the popularity of RC planes for beginners is increasing. However, there are now numerous models available that promise a variety of features, competitive prices, and technology to choose from. Characteristics of a … Read more

Items Needed to Create a Construction Paper Solar System

Solar system craft

The Solar System is made up of the Sun and eight planets, as well as their moons and other non-stellar objects like asteroids. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, also known as the “terrestrial planets,” are composed primarily of rock and metal. The four outer planets, known as ‘gas giants,’ are significantly larger … Read more

Fun Ideas for Having Drone Party Get-Together

A man flying remote control drone

A drone is an aerial vehicle, i.e. aircraft without a human crew, passengers, or a pilot for that matter. It also goes by the name of Unnamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and is a component of an unnamed aircraft system (UAS), with an attached ground-based controller. It’s operated by a human with the … Read more